Our Mission

As of 2020, Wish for WASH LLC is a holding company that houses the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) - related intellectual property and business prowess to carry out and support the work of its sister company and non-profit organization, Wish for WASH Thinks, Inc.

To learn more about Wish for WASH Thinks, Inc's programming visit www.wishforwashthinks.org.

SafiChoo Toilet System Product Development

Since 2013, Wish for WASH LLC has been designing, iterating and piloting various versions of the SafiChoo toilet system in communities around the world. Stay tuned for our future projects with the SafiChoo Toilet System because

Our Product

Through customer discovery, design thinking, and rapid prototyping we have continually iterated our first sanitation relief product - the SafiChoo toilet. Currently in its 3rd iteration, SafiChoo is a modular design intended to improve the sanitation-related user experience for all market players. It functions as a “toolbox of options” allowing users to choose how to go to the bathroom to best meet their needs. The new design is being tested and further iterated in 2020.

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